Thursday, May 15, 2008

Milking-it-for-all-its-worth Dog on Thurs

Last week I took Puddin for her yearly shots and tests. Happy, healthy and back down to her healthy weight. I mentioned to the vet that she was drinking more than normal. Blood work all looks good. We couldn't get urine since she had donated all her samples to the lawn in front of the clinic. Early the next morning I'm following Pud around the yard with an empty pie tin. You know. Later I get a call to pick up meds and talk to the vet. Her urine pH is "off the charts" and full of crystals. We get antibiotics and an acidifier. He thinks she's too young to have "the malady which must not be named" so we should assume its a uti and just watch her.

Any ideas what he's worried about but won't say?

Puddin thinks it is unfair for non-sick dogs to get the lap.

She retaliates by ripping out the head of Trixie's bear toy and stealing Gus' bed.
Seems fair.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good Dogs Gone Bad on Thursday?

Puppy incarceration. So sad. If Trixie had a tin cup she would be raking it back and forth against the bars.

Wait....that's not jail! It's a day at the spa. Trixie has a new do thanks to Gus' constant ear-sucking. A sassy short look for summer.

Puddin is more the home-spa type. I think a stick in a wading pool counts as a retreat. It also counts as a bath.