Sunday, November 25, 2007

Starting another sock at the source

Sister Jill & Lora gleaning a cotton field for spinning fibers.

Going home to the bootheel of MO for Thanksgiving, I was hoping to find a cotton field that hadn't already had it's stalks chopped. I read about spinning cotton from the boll, that is, without ginning out the seeds first. It said that you got less fiber breakage and therefore longer fibers this way. You also sidestep the awful task of picking out the seeds. My grandma told that when her mother was a child they still picked the seeds by hand. Each evening all the children had to fill one of their own shoes with seeds before bed. Small child, small shoe, less seeds. Seems fair.

The universe sensed my need for cotton. This field was next door to cousin Sabrina's house. It was the only standing field of stalks that we saw, and the last few rows had been skipped on the final picking. Sure... it was wet and the bolls were stringing out a bit. But hey, if you ask for cotton and the universe answers, ya don't look the gift horse in the mouth.

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