Thursday, December 6, 2007

You're feeling sleepy... very sleepy...

Look, hands!

Actually, we are very close to learning to give "high five." Trixie is down to one paw most of the time. She still wants to stand up, though.

Check out her bare tummy. At spay/neuter I was going to have Trixie & Gus micro-chipped. Our vet talked me out of it. He said our county doesn't have a reader at the pound or shelter, so they would have to run REALLY far for it to do any good. Instead he tattooed a phone number and initials on their belly.

Picture this:

Kid: "look at this pitiful stray puppy, Mom. Can we keep it?"

Mom: "Poor thing. It's awful how people dump unwanted puppies"

Kid: "Here, Scout, let me rub your tummy"

Mom: "maybe we should call that number."

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Lol - Trixie is very edgy with her new doggie tats! What a cute pic :)