Monday, April 7, 2008

Knitt'n & Spin'n

A child's hat for Warm Woolies. Lately I only knit at work or in bed, so my projects are limited to thoses w/out patterns to learn. The top isn't really pointed, the jar underneath is.
My second attempt at coils. Kool-Aid pink lincoln wool over handful-of-marigolds lincoln wool. I keep finding little balls of singles that I wound in balls and forgot. Usually because there was never a plan for it, and I needed to clear the spindle or wheel for something else. This is how it looked right off the niddy-noddy.

Here it is after I set it with a bit of steam.
Now I think I should stop trying to coil over my own singles and use thread instead. It may be the only way I'll get continuous coils.

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Anonymous said...

Looks good!

Oh BTW, Hi from your Magic Ball Partner! I'm almost done with your ball!!! HE he!!!