Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ugly Batt Spinning Adventure Begins

This is the first single that I spun from my batts. Both batts are multi-colored, but one is mostly blue/purple and one is mostly green/brown. I alternated large chunks from both.
My first yarn from the single was plied with a thin mohair yarn. Even though they were the same thickness, the fuzziness of the mohair and the consistancy of the brown overwhelmed the single. I don't really like it.
Next, I try my hand at coil spinning. I read directions from various sources online. The strand that it is plied with is a cotton single that has been sitting in a ball for over a year. I made a coil, then plied normally for 6-8 inches before the single had time to unspin itself. At this point, I am so in love with what I see on the bobbin that I stop to take a picture.
The finished skein on a niddy-noddy. Tha picture is darker, but I don't know how to adjust such things.

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