Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring! Sun! Sprouts!

The arugula was up first.
The onions are just breaking ground.
Rhubarb begins to unfurl its leaves.
The redbud tree is just barely budding.
Also, the lilac leaves are open and the maple buds are beginning to bloom.  This morning I planted asparagus.  Normally it would be planted in an 8" trench and have soil added as it grows, but I planted it shallowly since it will be in the center of my new raised bed. When I get the bed build around it the soil will be 8-10" higher.  Tomorrow is the official first day of spring but today feels more like it.  Sunny and 67 degrees. By Easter the grass will need to be mowed.  I also checked the shitake logs for signs of mushrooms but no luck.  I was hoping that last weeks cold rain followed by this weeks warm weather might start something.  I did find a disturbing amount of bark shedding from the logs which will shorten their fruiting lifespan.

When the lilacs are in first leaf it is time to plant beets, lettuce and spinach.  I already planted some lettuce and spinach so beets are next.

It seems like it takes forever for spring to arrive.  When it does, everything takes off like a rocket and I'm racing to keep up with the garden chores.

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