Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today is the first day anniversary of yesterday

Folklore & Phenology Friday, one day late (totally Bloggers fault!)

My corner of Missouri is running hot & cold lately.  Yesterday I was late for work because there was a hard frost & light freeze that coated and clouded my car windows and froze my doors shut. 

On a more exciting note, look what I found...a mess of moss & brush in a half bushel basket left on the back porch all winter. (The pine cones were mine.)

I started to pull it out to clean up when I discovered this...
Five little cream colored eggs with brown specks.  Yesterday the mother started sitting on the nest.  I got a good look at her.  Its a carolina wren.  Yay!

Also, the daffodils bloomed yesterday. My neighbor across the street had his bloom 2 weeks ago. They are always earlier.  The broccoli was transplanted to the garden last week and covered with milk jugs and is doing fine. No freeze problems.

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