Wednesday, February 27, 2008

blah, blah blah...not even a little sock

Is it the cold, wet, gray weather? Maybe the fact that I never received my cocoa swap 10 days late. Or the fact that I've been picking up overtime lately. Whatever the reason, nothing has been very interesting to me lately. I started some child-sized boot toppers to see how two sock yarns would look together.

Not great, not terrible. I don't like it well enough to make the mate, so I picked up underneath and turned it into a sock. It still won't get a mate. It will live out its life in the Christmas Stocking collection (a.k.a. the Single Sock Stash).

I'm also getting overwhelmed by unfinished projects. Something drastic has got to be done. I don't know WHAT has to be done, just something...

1 comment:

Holly Bee said...

I think it's pretty.

Maybe you could have a single sock speed date and set some of them up with each other.

I'm sure some girls would be all a flutter to have non matching mated socks!!!