Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yarn Smackdown Calisthenics

On Ravelry today I signed up for the Yarn Smackdown. Knit a hat in a race against another knitter. It's set up as a single elimination bracket with both knitters and crocheters. Apparently you do send off your unfinished hat if you are eliminated, because the rule is that if you only knit (or only crochet) and you get a hat that you can't finish, you frog it and start over your way.

I picked up this red wool yarn super cheap this week. Somebody thinks that red won't sell after Valentines Day. My gain. Since I don't know any specifics about the hat to knit, I'm making a basic EZ cap to send to Warm Woolies for practice. Hats are so easy to make but I don't like to wear them. Better to wrap a scarf/shawl over my head, I think. If the hat I receive is mostly wool I'll send it, too.
BTW...Warm Woolies (think shivering orphans) is having a contest to boost knit donations. If you send 25 sweaters, vest, or socks for the children in 2008 they will send you a gift box of yarn & notions worth at least $50. And the patterns they use are simple and easy to knit. Did you know that after the first piece you send, they will supply the wool for the rest of your donations? If you only knit in acrylics...they need tons of baby blankets.

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