Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm back, and busy,busy,busy.

To recap:
1. The bronchitis/pnuemonia practically gone. I'm well enough to work.
2. I missed work yesterday in a futile attempt to bail the water out of the basement. After 7 hours I decided to give up and move as much furniture as I could. After I sat down to rest it occurred to me to go buy a pump. Maybe I'm not as well as I think.
3. Rain finally stopped. Six hours later the water stopped squirting through the cracks in the concrete wall.
4. I'm going to attempt to convert to a 50% raw/live diet. Hopefully it will help to stave off my new sickly nature. Mom suggested this when we were both sick, but we were too exhausted and miserable to do anything about it.
5. The yarn smackdown has begun. I imagined that I would sit up tonight and finish the hat, then mail it first thing in the morning. After 6 rows...I sense impending death. At this point my goal is to get far enough along to give Huggybear a good start when she gets my WIP. After all, if the person who beats me does really well, that makes me look pretty good too.
6. Tomorrow I have to take the dogs to the groomer and the car to the garage. Something about an O2 sensor and the "service engine soon" light. damn. Plus Gus is so matted on his backside that I'll have to stop and buy a bribe (maybe chocolates?) for the groomer.
7. It's cold in here. When the water was rising I shut off the gas to the heater. Mid-March is just too close to spring to re-light.

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