Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm a rotten cheater.

Confession time. I lie about finishing projects. I tuck the unwoven ends inside and underneath to take pictures to facilitate my deceptions. Then the item gets tossed back into a bag or yarn box for me to "finish later". For me, "finish later" means: avert my eyes and pretend not to notice.

As part of my personal 482 step process to face my problem, I decided to grab up the first handful of items I found and pile them around me. Armed only with a tapestry needle, I will confront the enemy (me) and vanquish my tormentors. And then give this crap away.

I also created another blog to document my UFO's.
There is a UFO-knit-a-long here: that I just requested to join.

UPDATE: The 3 hats are ready to ship to Warm Woolies, the mobius scarf is ready to block, calorimetry needs a button, and poncho completo.

1 comment:

Holly Bee said...

You are too funny! I tuck and photograph too!!! I won't tell if you don't!