Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Disaster Preparedness

I commented on Knit With Snot For You ( see link ) that I watched Dawn of the Dead recently. She referenced the movie 28 Days Later, which got me to thinking. I love post-apocolyptic disaster films. Probably because I was raised in the "former farmer, home canning, judgement day, nuclear holocaust" tradition. The belief that you have to have 2 years supplies put up in case of a total crop/garden failure or the end of civilization and national infrastructure.

Our emergency supply shelves currently contain 4 gallons of water, a can of chili, and a can of soup. Last winter we had an ice storm that cut the power for 7 days. We had a gas stove to cook but the only heat source we used was candles and body heat accumulation. And it was freezing out!

I decided to take action. I ate the soup.


Holly Bee said...

You ate the soup!!!

We have like 10 bags of dried beans, and 100 cans of vegetarian chili. Because in the end times I will barter with beans and chili. Because people will worry about consitipation?

You ate the soup!!!

I say we all stock up on our favorite soda and junk food. Doesn't that sound better? Snickers and diet coke! No, wait, girl scout cookie tag alongs and diet coke!

Paula said...

After our last winter storms I have started stocking up now too!
We have lots and lots of candles and instant rice so far, but I need to remember to get matches.
I am guessing rice and candles will be what I barter with for the matches in the next storm! :)