Friday, September 21, 2007

No sympathy- It's only perimenopause

I left work early today. All day feeling worse & worse. After lunch, covering for anothers lunch break, I decided my day was done. Finish this and that and tell so-and-so the other thing, and I was out of there. If anyone tried to stop me I would just quit my job. Okay perhaps that was a smidgin irrational.

Nobody tried to stop me. It was MUCH WORSE. I felt hot. Sweaty. Tears began to fill up. So I sat down with a fan blowing on high right into my face. Leann walked up and asked if I was alright. I would have been fine if only she had said "Bitch, pull your shit together and get back to work."

Don't people know by now that if you see someone with a hint of tear in her eye, the most merciful thing to do is avert your eyes and keep on walking?

As I'm leaving, I tell them "I'm going home sick, but be sure to come to my party tomorrow."

If I wasn't me, I would certainly be talking about me behind my back.

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