Thursday, September 20, 2007

Turkey Violation

There is a giant turkey in my oven! Are we allowed to roast a turkey this close to Thanksgiving? Has the Butterball Hotline even been activated yet? Maybe I should gather fix'ins just in case.


Paula said...

Oooh Turkey!
Elise and I will be over when it is done! :)

I also will roast a Turkey through out the year, it is just too delcious to eat only at Thanksgiving.

It is a riot at my house whenever we roast one in the oven.
Elise will start howling after two hours of it being in the oven and
The cats will line up in front of the stove around the last hour of its cooking time.

Holly Bee said...

My Mom cooks turkey like she is the Butterball test kitchen! It's like a once week thing. I can't stand the stuff. Maybe that's why I hate birds?