Monday, October 1, 2007


Not Chicken & Egg Noodles...TVP & Spelt Noodles

Mom goes to the farmer's market last Saturday and picks up some eggplant. She's wanting baba ganoush but we're out of tahini. When I get home from work, off the the health food store we go. (Not many options in town here. Every time I buy a mango at the grocery, I have to tell the cashier what it is.) We found Soy Chicken Chunks.

Let's make chicken & noodles! Yeah, chicken & noodles. But I'm not rolling out the noodles. Well, I don't want to roll out noodles either. Let's buy noodles! I don't see any. They have whole wheat. Do we want chewy yucky whole wheat? Look, spelt noodles! Have we tried spelt? I don't know, how bad could they be?

I'll tell you, not bad. We rehydrated the chunks in turkey broth,(that's right. We cooked a turkey- get over it) so I have no idea how they taste alone. By the way, the baba ganoush was very good, but was it ever ugly! So no picture.

Something for the crafty cause.

A cross-stitch angel that I never finished. It's supposed to have gold beads and sparkly embellishments. Since I have met ME, I decided to slap it in a frame and hang it on the wall.

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jill said...

WHAT? you sound like you need to be in a crazy home didnt really follow