Friday, October 12, 2007

One for me, one for H.B.

For Holly B. You can't tell from the picture, but the orange w/ pink strays from a yellowish orange for a few feet and them back to a reddish orange for a few more. Also, the plying was so lazily done that I didn't even bother to join the mohair when I changed yarns. You will have to work all the loose ends to the back of your project. I didn't block the orange yarn after I frogged it out of an abandoned project. Personally I don't mind knitting with squiggly yarn, but you can block it yourself it you do.
For me:
Mostly pink with yellow and orange. I like. The solid lumpy pink would make a nice border for a mohair/wool fingerless mitten. It will have to have a very short wrist or I'll need to find yet another yarn worthy of it's great ugliness.


Holly Bee said...

Super fun!!

Do you have any wishes for you trade? Any deep hates to avoid, or just dig into the stash and pack into a mailer?

lora said...

Suprise me. Most of my yarn is either homespun or recycled, so something "store-bought" would be neat.