Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bath Day & High Fashion

Why are we in doggie lockdown?

It's bath day and we're rubbing eau de wet dog on all the furniture!

Who, me? A hand model? You must be kidding.
Here's Pudding wearing the latest in toddler accessories: a fingerless mitten. ( They are actually for my sister's girls.)


Paula said...

Pudding makes a lovely hand model!
Your wet pooches are so very cute today!

Paula said...

I would like to start the 'Doggie Spotlight' on Pudding next Thursday.
Could you email me some info. on him and include any pictures you would like me to use also?

Gnat said...

I love modeling stuff on my pups. That is too cute. Both my dogs like to run around the house and jump on the bed after they get a bath....not happy about that one. :)

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!!

jill said...

that is so cute i cant wait to put it on the girls i think miah might actually leave them on ha

Cindy said...

What a good model you have. I hope Puddin' gets big hugs for that and the babies look so clean. I bet they smelled good, too.

Andrée said...

what a bunch of cute dogs. I love that "doggie lockdown." Poor little things!!

crazycarebear911 said...

they are just too cute. I like the gloves too!