Sunday, October 14, 2007

Unintentional local meal

The farmer's market produce is starting to back up on us. I made a list so that we would be sure to eat at least one thing each day. Halfway through supper we realized that except for onions and "accessories", our meal was locally grown.
salted cucumber slices
fried gold potatoes & sweet potatoes
green beans w/ onion
Our need-to-eat list still contains: yellow squash, spagetti squash, cukes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggplant, & watermelon. I also got indian corn to grind up for johnny cakes after we are tired of using it as decoration.
On the topic of food... at work last week I met a man from Casablanca. He told me about his small restaurant out in the country not too far away. This weekend Mom & I set out to find it. We got lost a couple of times, but eventually found it. We told him we wanted Morracan food, but he didn't have any prepared. (living in po-dunk as we do, there aren't many people interested in international foods.) Miloud went to his own kitchen and brought back chicken pastilla for us. We liked it even though the meat was very dark. (we have pigeon suspicions... which is still okay with us.)

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