Sunday, January 20, 2008

How to Help Fledglings

I've taken needles and yarn and a book to another convert at work. We don't have much time for lessons, which is why I give them each a magazine or inexpensive book with basics in it. This leaves me wondering how I can better help them. While I am an adequate knitter, maybe I'm not in the best position to teach them. At this point we're all still casting on and doing knit stitches. Binding off has been demonstrated, but not yet attempted. So far no one has ventured to purl.

My thought is that I could knit small swatches to demonstrate stockingnet, garter, rib, etc. I wouldn't want to knit a copy for everyone, but I could photograph them with brief descriptions. Maybe trimmed to index cards on a ring.

I was searching stitches and realized how little I know. I've never heard of Andalusian stitch or roman stitch. So many simple ways to look different. My goal should be to knit swatches for my OWN education. A swatch a day would be quite an undertaking for someone as lazy as me. I think I'll go knit the first one right now.

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Anonymous said...

my, my, arent you a little chatty cathy today!
(why dont you ever respond to my text messages?)