Thursday, January 17, 2008

January Knitting & Cocoa Swap Update


Now that we're in the thick of 'Winter'... has your knitting changed to match the season? Are you moving on from dishcloths, and tank tops to afghans, hats and mittens? Has your yarn changed from silk or cotton to wool, superwash or heavier cottons?

My knitting has changed. Not from autumn to winter, but from Christmas to post-giving-season. I was waiting until after the gift knits to start some just-for-me projects. Right now I'm 5 kitchener stitches away from one sock. I started another while waiting for my car to be serviced this morning.
I finished this little sweater as my January contribution to next Christmas' tiny tree of knitting.

I'd also like to work on my gift box. Actually it's a large plastic tote. When I worked in retail, anytime I saw something crazy cheap on clearance, I would buy it and put it in the gift box. During the year we would "shop the box" for birthdays & such. At Christmas I dumped the box and tried to find a home for anything left over.


Jennifer said...

LOVE your tiny sweater! The colors are great. I made some tiny mittens this year and would love to make enough items for a teeny tiny tree. Maybe if I start

Blinky, your Cocoa Swap Pal said...

Your sock is looking good! I bet more will follow - as sock knitting is pretty addictive. I am working on a pair as well at the moment.

lora said...

Here's my problem: the sock I started yesterday is not the mate to this one. After all, I already know what this looks like. The new one is showing fat stripes like rainbow sherbet. I really have no discipline.

lora said...
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Anonymous said...

lora, just a reminder, the gift giving isnt over till all the girls have their leg warmers...are they done? ha