Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jill's Dogs on Thursday

My sister Jill wanted me to post her dogs this Thursday. These are crops from Christmas pictures. It's not that her kids aren't cute, it's just that I can't post her foster kids pictures online.

Lucy and shy little Maddie. People-wise Maddie is timid. Sheltie-wise she's Boss Hog.

The twins, Lucy and Ricky. "Hey Lucy, you got some splaining to do!" I'll admit these are very sweet dogs, but...don't they look like they could rip your throat out in this picture?

Check out the crazy huge amount of presents donated to the 4 foster kids. Way too much. They got tired before they could open them all.


Paula said...

Your sisters shelties are beautiful dogs.
They sure do look like they have great personalities.
I love their names!

Cindy said...

Your sis's shelties are gorgeous. It's obvious she (or someone) brushes them. Shelties have sooooo much fur. Thanks for sharing.

Mindy said...

Sweet doggies. I have a hard time not getting the "glowing eyes" in pictures too.